Fancy valve ceiling light fitting

Anyone seen anything that isn’t naff for lighting my hifi room, gotta be big and I fancy led bulbs that look like 211 valves hanging down but I can’t find one I like

Anyone got something cool I can get retail or make myself?


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The fuck is this?

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Edison bulbs, you can get them with LED filaments now as the wire ones give out fuck all light (but look good)

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I bought a selection of these for wall sconces…

Yep loads of cool bulbs but what fitting to put them in. The designó have scratched out is a shallow box in old wood with 6 holes spread across in twos with traditional cloth wire dropping down to bulbs like the ones linked to above

Thinking I could make one if I can’t find it

May I be the first to recommend Chinese lamp man.


Sorry to be a party pooper (I’ve heard of peeing on people’s parades, but what is one of these incidentally ?) but there are rules about mains electricity and stuff. If you’re not going to sell it then you can pretty much make whatever you want. But if it’s connected directly to your house’s fixed wiring then the Building Regs, via the Wiring Regs, will (legally) apply. And your house insurance people will take a dim view if you should ever need to claim as a consequence of fire.


It’s a good point and my preference was to buy something commercial hence the extensive looking and this post but so far I have drawn a blank

Chinese lamp man.
The pain commences on ordering and will not end until a friend has driven at least 50 miles to assist, meanwhile certain parts may need re machining via another friend and whatever hair you had has evaporated in a red mist -

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In some far away galaxy, a gravitational wave detector will register movement in years to come. When the data is collected and interpreted…

‘Fuck you Chinese lamp man’ … such was the intensity of emotion.

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There is quite a few on wayfair website, lots of industrial themed fittings that would suit a man cave and Edison bulbs

Wow 127 pages of lights on wayfair

No excuse now for burning the house down with diy but so much choice!!