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Had a few issues with the ole teeth recently, essentially the upper four front teeth are in self destruct mode. They are all existing caps with a bridge and the underlying tooth peg has snapped clean off on two of them, a third has needed resetting and the fourth has a dying tooth supporting the cap. Currently two teeth down, not good.

The answer is a two insert 4 tooth bridge which in the UK will be IRO £6k. In Prague it comes to about 50% of this, including flights and hotels.

Anyone had any experience of dental treatments abroad?

Apparently this site’s software has said my topic is similar to re-capping a Pass Aleph amplifier, CoCo, how you fixed?

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I used Kissdental in Altrincham for 3 teeth implants, very happy. It took six months as the gum/bone has to heal and grow over the screw for 3 months. 10% discount if you pay up front.

The process is;

  1. Check your gum / bone is OK to take an implant and then book an appointment for stage 2.
  2. Remove what is left of the tooth (it works better if there is something).
  3. Drill holes and put in tappers, then sew up the gum. On antibiotics after.
  4. Next visit two weeks later, check all is OK.
  5. 3 months later remove gum spacers (bolts effectively) and screw in new teeth, when the gums have healed and the bone has grown over the tapper screw to make it strong.

I had two done and then the third later, as I had one tooth missing (removed 5 years earlier). This made it more complicated as the bone shrinks.

If you can do all this in a few days, good luck with that, it’s not my mouth and quite frankly my health is not worth scrimping on.

The other thing to think about is who is going to look after them when you return, as some dentists throw a wobbler if they didn’t do it.

My advice is to go to somebody who does it all the time as it’s a skill and Kalish at Kissdental is an expert.

I wonder if being tender far from home is a good buzz? Stronzettos teeth fell out years ago I did feel mildly responsible and managed to source some rather dapper replacements from canal street in NY


I get all that, the Prague trips involve the same processes over the same timescales, they are just a lot cheaper.

I’ve not heard anything bad about overseas (EU) dentists - it’s not like it’s surgery done by quacks, they are just as highly trained as our dentists. I say go for it, but find good recommendations of places that do it a lot.

Ah well, the debate was settled by my nearest and dearest who pointed out that the UK was the answer for reasons. On the basis that I can’t argue with that it looks like I’ll be paying for a UK dentist’s Porker. Off to Manc for the initial consult, wallet is legs akimbo already!

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I feel your pain. :tired_face:

If it is Kalish, he drives either a Ferrari or a customised Bentley.

With a similar level of taste in custom plates as the ENT consultant who sports EAR 1K on a porker?

The plates are his name.

He’ll be driving both soon, still, a grand a tooth cheaper than barrow dentists!

When he sees your new motor he’ll slap on a surcharge!

He’s a top dentist for this cosmetic dentistry stuff.

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