Fantasy F1 Manager 2019 - The Horror Continues


Haha let’s see!



The official game is now live. I haven’t really read the rules, but the fact that points can be seen live during the race is EXCELLENT

Game is here:

The league code is ef5f52


Grosjean you feckin arsehole!!!

My season looked set for a wee boost, and then …


Me too. Dick !


I was lucky, chose Perez… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Btw what happened to the live race standings in the fantasy game?
Or was I looking at the wrong thing?


He’s with the stewards right now. I’m expecting a DQ

And I clean forgot to finalize my team for the new game, so I think you’ll be in the lead on that one too


Yes. Illegal use of DRS apparently.


Oh shit lol… thought he had a 5 second penalty for overtaking before the safety car line?


I sent Charlie Whiting your fantasy team




I sent him a tenner!


Just the wait to see who has done well out of today’s entertaining billion-dollah clusterfuck! Wish Jarno would update a bit more promptly! Been too lazy to boot-up a team on the other site…


The other league is far easier to play than this one imo, it’s even got an auto select feature…:grinning:


I could not even work that out, apparently

Jarno can take all the time in the world, Frankly, I don’t mind if he tosses h the whole thing off. He pobably had Grosjean too

What a fucking DICK


SO. Much. This.

Did you see his fumbling post-match interview? Claimed he didn’t really know what went wrong but believed he’d accidentally pushed the brake mode button. Twice. Causing the lock-up.

My time as something of a Goeswrong apologist ended today.


Before you moan…:wink::grinning:

My team is Perez, Mag, Renault, Renault…

I’ve hidden it for reasons… :sunglasses:


You’re #1 in the entire game

I wasn’t going to mention it, in the forlorn hope that you hadn’t yet noticed it :slight_smile:

The sun shines on a dogs ass some days

(Well done, obviously!)


Well, I have achieved perfection - a big fat 0 :crazy_face:


The only upside is that Baku was ungenerous to most of us (except Mr. Scratchings, the fucker!) :grin:


Good fuckin God, man. Update the damn site already.

This is the one weekend of the season where I’m gonna beat Dana, and I’m goddam tired of waiting for the goddam numbers to be there in black and white