Fantasy F1 Manager 2019 - The Horror Continues


Yes it’s crap isn’t it, and yes you’ll probably score better than me this race! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Updated now, my Haas boys gave you one hell of (only 7 points :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) a beating.

(I earned a mill on pole time though. That has to count for something? Pole earnings up to nearly 2.5m now. Not that it helps me a great deal, but hey.)


Yes well done, I did a really stupid thing and sold Perez and rebought the Hulk…:cry:

Looks like some players have already got Red Bull chassis and I expect them to start pulling away as I can afford bugger all now…


Bollox, that’s me stuffed…




I upgraded to Mercedes on Friday…


Welcome to the club. We have lovely cushions to comfort the ring sting


I’m back up to 8th!

I was very lucky just managed to scrape up to the Ferrari chassis, the rest of my team is all Haas, lol…


Yeehah, on the podium.
Max, I’ll happily have your babies… :-):grin:


Thank you.
(Now watch them go and do the one-two at Silverstone…)


Very close between the top two and midfield, much like the real thing. :smiley:


Oooo 3rd place.


I don’t know who Built by Badgers is (could be Cloffo?) but unlucky fella - it got close at the end

Special congrats to Dana for totally blowing a massive lead. Done with quite some style though, and that’s what counts


It’s @rmsshipbroker no?


You’re right, of course.

Sorry about that, Steve


No problem mate, a pleasure doing battle with you. Made it onto the podium at last.
It must be the only race where i was hoping the Red Bulls would drop out… :wink:


Yeah, I got a bit punty at the end :slight_smile:


Irrespective of the results I do find it enhances my enjoyment of the races. Normally I wouldnt care what Grosjean does…
Look forward to joining battle next year. :+1:


Completely forgot about this after the first few races. Can only assume I came stone dead last.


Even Oz beat you