Fantasy F1 Manager 2019 - The Horror Continues


Yes well done mate, played your usual consistent game!

Being top of the leaderboard for a few races was a great feeling, even if I did burn my upgrades chasing points. :weary:

I’ve got a feeling this game will be canned/neglected next season even further.
So perhaps a migration to the official site might be worthwhile (plus it’s a lot easier to play imo)


Yes, but only by virtue of my precipitous last race rise from a season positioned as the bottom feeder. :clown_face:


It’s live again

do we need a new thread or could one of our mods change the title to update ?

Anyone looking at other fantasy F1 ames than the one we normally look at ?


I didn’t bother last year.
The game is really who is the best guesser for the results in the lower teams for the first four races.
If you get that right you are sorted for the season


I dunno, I had a near flawless start in 2017 and managed to utterly piss it up the wall :laughing:


Yeah. I completely agree with that (though Dana did an excellent job of blowing it last season after a fantastic start)

He’s put some completely bizarre prices in this season - Williams are priced extraordinarily high, with no reason whatsoever to except any points from them.

Anyone up for the official Fantasy F1 game ? I know Dana tried it last year - any thoughts ?


And I missed the first race but came back, mostly because people stopped playing though :grin:.


Looks like it’s going to be a grind (again) this year, there’s only going to be 2 or 3 choices for the start team imo.

I thought the other one was better, at least you get a more interesting choice of team from the off…


Ill be having a go at the ‘official’ game this year

IMHO There’s one underpriced option on the f1manager game, I suspect most will go with variations of that from the start


Exactly, everyone will have Kimi in their team, that’s why there’s very little choice around that, hence the grind… :woozy_face:


Feel free to go for the Kimster - I’m not sure they’re in line for points at the start of the season, TBH


Like you I don’t understand the Williams pricing, they should be the cheapest based on pre-season. Lol.


IIRC he hugely overpriced McLaren last year, depsite them clearly being dogmuck in testing


Team chosen.
Hope the badgers have built a good one.


For anyone who’s playing the official F1 fantasy game, here’s a league code



Right, a second chance to get into the Official F1 Fantasy, seeing as it’s only myself and Dana

So as to appease the cheatin wee bastids among you, it is possible to create and enter 3 - -THAT’S THREE teams in the league.

The league updates almost right after the race, which is a more than can be said of the other one we’re playing!

The league will start from Bahrain inwards, so any spawny points you’ve scored this week won’t count for jack (Dana.)

Sign up here:

League code: f55d9122dc


Great :+1:

Guys, please have a go at this game, it’s far more sophisticated than the manager game, and poor initial teams can even be changed completely so you’re not stuck in a rut for the rest of the season.

Good luck all…


Like the thread title addendum for accuracy.

I’ll have a go at this one too, but currently befuzzled the variey of choice.

A solo team brings much headscratching… :slightly_smiling_face:


Main thing, I think, is to have a driver eligible (<19m) who so res double points.

Mine this week was Grosjean, so his minus 5 became minus 10.

Deep joy


Have joined, cant be bothered with 3 teams mind.