Fantasy footy

There’s a league, you know. Don’t be shy

Code to join js: zqdjo4

Already done after 10,000 drafts.

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It’s the Premier League Fantasy Football game.
Google it.

Joined. Top Cat.

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Thanks, now joined but looks like wont get any points this weekend as I only set the team up late yesterday when FOL 1 suggested it

Bugger, and sorry for not having posted the link on here earlier. Mea culpa

Nonetheless, if you’re any good you’ll have overtaken Chelsea Dave by September :smile:

I have studied long and hard on my selections this season so watch out! :nerd_face:

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My selection of Pukki paid off.:sunglasses:

Kin ell. Respect

Well I have worked out a few tricks from last season but I guarantee that I will loose my nerve and start wildly picking a guess. And end up lower than Simon by September.

Good start to the weekend, but I KNEW I should have put Vardy as Capt instead of Silva, damn !

I have gone from leader to mid table in my league. Need a lot of changes!