Fast and pretty things

I’m picking this up on Friday, a bit excited…

Show me your fast pretty things so I can tell you mine is better.


There’s two wheels missing :unamused:

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Nope, just the right amount.

But, but, but, there’s nowhere to store the gimp mask :smirk:

I’m wearing it you nob.

Of course :sunglasses:

Very nice! That can looks loud.

It is a bit.

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Looks wonderful!!

Not so good in the wet though… lol.

Have you got any organs still worth donating?

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Bit like a car with it’s engine in the wrong place Dana :grinning:


:heart_eyes: You be very careful young man, they can move rather quickly you know ? :slight_smile:

It certainly doesn’t hang around, blows my current thou in to the weeds.

Unless it’s got 4wd that is…:wink:

Fuck fuck fuck.
I’m too old now but I do have a current car dilemma.
New Civic Type R, discount from a dealer?
Pay a bit over, dealer or private seller for already registered Focus RS?
I hope this post adheres to community guidelines.
Grovel, grovel.

Cars, strange cage things with too many wheels, yes?

When the inevitable happens, can I have your spleen and liver please.

I assume you want the sphincter thrown in the deal?

only if we’re mixing up a new batch of doner meat…