Feckin' Weather

Bucketing down now. Lots of downdrafts etc so I’m guessing a good thunderstorm is on the way.

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Yesterday was gorgeous here after a cloudy start,around 24 which is perfect for me.


Rain coming in here, light though

Full petrol tank is brave there.

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We’ve had about 100mm of rain here since early afternoon, with another 50-90mm forecast before tomorrow night, and a series of thunderstorms rolling through for the next 24 hours as well. The water’s pretty close:

but at least it’s also running off:

Here’s the other side of the house, looking towards the neighbours:

It’s about 5" below the top of the foundation, but the run-off across the drive will take quite a bit more flow without rising much - I hope :flushed:


Pissing down again now…

This is scary stuff, Sunak is a cunt and is deliberately ignoring and in many cases forcing back green policy changes and action. Boris was a complete bellend but at least he understood the climate crisis, Sunak seems to be trying to block change merely from a “it costs money” perspective

He wouldn’t be the first with a Treasury background who’s like that (“… knows the price of everything and the value of nothing …”).

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Also not the first to spend money into existence to say bail out banks, spaff billions on bogus covid follies etc, then turn around and pretend that the taxpayer has to now pay for this by slashing public services which is just another Tory wet dream.


Mammon’s cock won’t suck itself.


The rise in temp of the oceans has to be a major concern surely. I’m not an expert in this but i do remember several nat history docs making the point that during human evolution the consistency of the oceans in terms of their temperature and chemistry was a key factor.

I suspect that this will be viewed as a documentary rather than fiction in a few years

Yeah the earth is a massive buffer…until it’s not.

When it goes it will be runaway. You see it in so many physical, chemical and biological processes.

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It eased overnight, and the flood’s mostly gone - just wet now


And maybe some of this too


I seem to remember a connection made between average air temperature rises and climate change being computationally disputed. Based, I think, on the the Medieval Warm Period theory.
But this was contradicted once sea temperature rises were added into the equations.
Rise in sea temp = we’re fukt !

Now that the water’s mostly clearing, some roads are opening again, it’s become apparent that we had 3 months’ worth of rain in less than 24 hours. The total was 250mm across most of the province, with over 300mm in some areas - in about 15 hours. Roads, bridges, culverts and cars have been washed away, and there are still 4 people missing. Road closures in our local area - where half the province’s population live - look like this:

Here’s a lightning strike record for the 24 hours through the storm:

Purple denotes the highest intensity - Halifax is under the solid purple blob just above the patch of blue towards the upper right ‘corner’ of the main body of the storm.

We have never seen anything like it; our neighbours, who have lived here for 20 years, said the same.


Fuck, Diluvian stuff, glad you and yours are OK

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Thank you! We were lucky; there’s no way to predict what will happen with this kind of event.