Feckin' Weather


Searching for a wet weather walk near Matlock. Anything to avoid the dogs looking like swamp monsters.
Sun is teasing intermittently, and it’s like the ashes waiting game again.

The walk down Darley Dale from Rowsley to Matlock is nice & offers a bit of shelter iirc.

Tis a tad wet in this neck of the woods today, on the bright side not a chance of wild fires breaking out.

36 deg her in Germany. To hot for me that is.

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was in Vienna last week for work where it was 34c and that was horrible, no breeze and really muggy.

Right now it’s 38°C here. Think we’re due to hit 41°C tomorrow. I fucking hate it.

was in Spain a few years ago when it hit 40c and that was horrendous, made the golf quite arduous :joy:

Used to regularly hit 45c and even 48c when I was in Texas and that was scary hot.

I fucking hate the heat, max of 25c is enough for me.


Overcast today near the Runcorn Riviera and a tad drizzly earlier. Just swilling the car down as half the Gobi, Atacama and Sahara deserts, not to mention Ainsdale, Crosby and Formby beaches have been deposited on it via the brief drizzle. Didn’t realise as a kid how mucky you could get playing in a little drizzle.

Fuck me this is horrendous, it’s saying 32c in the garden but feels more like 40c

I’m having to come indoors every 30mins to stand in front of the AC

Bloody ice in the G&T is melting too fast as well :sob:

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Daughter in Dubai now.

Was 35 at 11pm when they got off the plane. Sod that

Hurricane Lee - just ‘downgraded’ to post-tropical storm, but still a Cat 1 apparently
Here for the next 18-24 hours:

There are currently around 350,000 customers without power, in a province of 1 mill total population


Full on deluge here in exeter

Just stopped here in Summer Court, in fact there’s a bit of blue sky :face_holding_back_tears: