Feckin' Weather


Imagine the carnage if they had used an Astra.

Feckin’ idiots


Astro turf is holding up well to the snow.


In all seriousness - WTF is it about Benson? Last time we had a proper cold snap when I lived in Oxfordshire (2007 iirc), Benson was the coldest place in the entire British isles - and that includes the weather stations on Snowdon, The Cairngorms, etc. Minus 17 iirc. I saw more snow in Oxon than I ever did in my time in Durham or N.Yorks - most years I’d lose a day or two at work due to the village being snowed-in, and it was invariably colder!


Ooh la la, crapola


Scotland now has a red warning


It really is pelting it down here.


Some special Glesga snowflakes

Just venturing out for supplies for the elderly neighbour so have my trusty sled and huskies at the ready - i may be some time.

Oh goody a red alert for heavy snow across the central belt :-1:


Not started here yet…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New Coatham caravan park?


Yes, just near Rio… :sunglasses:



South west forecast bad for tomorrow. Might need a jumper :smile:


Bit parky this AM…


My wife is flying to Edinburgh tomorrow first thing - what are the chances of her getting there Allan?


is that a gallows on the left we can see side on?


Sunny here with no snow in the forecast :face_with_monocle:. Dogs dropping subtle hints about walkies :unamused:.



Lightweight scaffy so we could get up to take some of hedges down - they were up to about 20’! :open_mouth:


how much is that doggy in the window?


Too much! There is a feckin’ tide mark of dog snot and drool around the windows from Pixie’s snout. I have to clean them twice a week or it gets too feckin’ nasty for words…