Feckin' Weather


To be fair I think the airfield is in a frost pocket. It’s usually a couple of degrees colder than here (Didcot). But in the end Oxon tends to be relatively cold because it’s a relatively long way from the sea and because being low-lying most of it isn’t very windy.

The weatherpeople were saying yesterday that, depending on how cold it is today, this could turn out to be the coldest February since 1996 “or even 1986”. We lived in a damp draughty uninsulated rented place in Kidlington in 1986. One cold night ice formed on the glass of water on Mrs VB’s bedside table. The water in the helium gasometer at the university Physics Dept froze despite having a 4kW heater running in it. And IIRC the mercury hit -20C in Oxford itself ! A few years earlier I remember being snowed in on the Banbury Rd and people skiing into and out of town. The water in a friend’s toilet bowl froze. We have indeed become snowflakes since then.



You’re right about Benson I think - iirc it’s on the ~Western lee of the downs so doesn’t see the sun for most of the morning in the winter.


Is this what we used to call winter?


In all seriousness I would advise against it Ben unless it’s very urgent - it’s as bad as I’ve seen it here for donkeys years at the moment. It’s bad enough here.so I would guess Edinburgh is worse


The met office is advising that there could be up to 40cm of snow on top of what’s already fallen and serious drifiting of snow.


I think we need an Edinburgh weather update from @NAM


Not really. Back when we used to have winters they were colder and snowier and went on for longer than this.



You are right Graeme do you remember ‘63!


Just - I was four. We were snowed in. I remember milk in bottles freezing (before it got so bad that the milkman gave up trying to deliver) and the snow being so deep that we walked along canyons cut/dug through it.



And the Sea froze.


Meanwhile in East Angular…

Schools shut, had to leave work early,
Therefore, a couple of fine ales and roaring fire in the pub.

Fucking result.:sunglasses:


Like this?


Complete whiteout in rural Northamptonshire right now:


Something like that, of course I was shorter then than I am now.



Wot, cos you had hair? :stuck_out_tongue:


and sunny Hatfield is still the same as yesterday.

It has snowed today but nothing has stuck here


Glasgow airport is closed for today, Edinburgh and Aberdeen still operating with delays.

Given the forecast, the chances of Edinburgh still being open tomorrow look very slim.


Aye. Was in Essex at the time, and it didn’t relent for six weeks.

Moved to Northumberland not long after.

Still remember talking to classmates who’d gone out to play in the drifts. Couldn’t understand what was tripping them up.

Turned out to be the wires on the telephone poles.


Thanks it is completely unlikely so upside is I’m off the hook of looking after the kids.

Knowing @NAM he’ll be out on his bike no?


1863? :slight_smile: