Feckin' Weather


Still growing…

Had very little more snow today though…


I believe the appropriate reply revolves around some comment relating to Mrs Cloth (Snr). For now the details elude me though …



Am now at Victoria trying to work out why they are cancelling trains due to forecast bad weather.


The One Show are doing a special. It must be bad if this incisive current affairs show is getting involved.


Forecast on the moors for the next couple of days is possibly as much as 18 inches :dark_sunglasses:


So in Irkutsk it is -34 and the schools will close when it gets to -45


Yebbut they don’t have Lulu dropping by.


It’s got decidedly wetter here this pm…



Forced to walk to work - WALK! Fuck you Ullr.






Big week this week, high level meeting with client and Dept of Health overlords tomorrow. So just the culmination of 2 very intense weeks of work to finalise. I’ve made it up to Ilkeston from Worcester this morning for 8.30am to go through our presentation and briefing pack. No-one is here :roll_eyes:


It’s a bit deep :skier:


You must be shattered. Hoped you stopped at Costas on the way


insert [obvious @Jim joke]


It was the most harrowing 500m of my life.


Bloody howling gales here


For the last few days we have been promised (threatened with ?) several hours of 40+ mph winds this morning. BBC weather was still promising this, with a 9am start time, at 8am today. These winds have completely failed to materialise. The forecast then shrank their duration from 5 hours to 4 hours. Now it’s down to 2 hours, starting at lunchtime.

I can understand how they can get snow vs rain wrong. On a showery day I can even forgive them getting rain vs no rain wrong. But if they’ve bothered to take even the most basic measurements of air pressure often enough, how can they get wind wrong ? Surely we’re not still in 1987 ?