Feckin' Weather


Tad windy here,i’m expecting to see the astro turf take off any minute


Thought that kept you grounded.


Meanwhile, in Ireland…


Same here.

The most accurate here is http://www.xcweather.co.uk/forecast/fetlar although forecasting around these parts is still sketchy, at best


He’ll be delivering all sorts of cones.


Our first day of snow in Cardiff. Not as bad as forecast so far.


Very little here although the girls are loving what there is

Unusually cold though, we rarely get sub zero temperatures


Just took the dog for a walk on the fields. It was like Hoth.


Ditto here. Soon after we arrived back Pixie had a massive shit all over the floorboards in the hall. Must’ve been to cold outside for her.


So far no indoor accidents, but our pair of wimps are playing “invisible dog” in the hope they won’t be made to go outside…

To be fair to Max, he seems to have a painful foot - it’s the one that was degloved when gyppos threw him out of a moving van, so could be the cold is a bit much for the old injury.


They’ve just predicted 50-60cm of snow on Dartmoor & Exmoor in the next 5-6 hours! :flushed:


Those ponies are as tough as nails but that’s a bit steep even for them.


It’s started but it’s very fine snow & probably only an inch so far. There’ll be more up where we walked last Saturday. A lot of wind though, think I just saw @stu 's lawn flying past.


They actually suffer through lack of water if the snow’s down for any extended period.


interesting in the Pennines


Had a lot more this afternoon





Yes, we take water up to ours twice a day in this weather.


People are panic buying !

The co-op have sold out of hot cross buns - I told the cashier this would never happen at Fortnums - She seemed bemused. Fuck you high street!