Feckin' Weather


Ours is Tuesday. It should have thawed by then :pray:


Bin collection was cancelled here today.


Canadian trains seem to be immune to snow on the tracks


After struggling up to Derby yesterday to find no-one local had bothered, I’ve made the executive decision to stay home and play records all day instead.


How long was that! It took over 2 minutes to clear the crossing. Snow plough was ace.

We need entrepreneurs like this to keep the country moving:


That name again is Mr Plow. Classic episode.


Yes it was a long train, but travelling quite slowly


At work this morning, no bother, industrial estate is an ice-rink though…


But it kept on running…



Pah! Well in Canadia they obviously get the “right” sort of snow! :roll_eyes:


Claire stated, with her customary authority, that there was no way that it was frozen because she’d tried to fix it by pouring hot water down the plughole…

I pointed out to her the 18" of external drainpipe the led to the stack and asked if she thought the hot water would have dissolved the ice in that…

“It’s not frozen,” she maintained, “you’ve done ‘something’ to it.” Sigh.

So I’ve just been up a ladder with her hairdryer and guess what…:roll_eyes:


You must have the patience of a saint! Reading that just makes me realise how lucky I am.


She’s alright really, apart from the usual alpha female traits. She mostly puts up with my shit, so she can’t be too bad.


Praise indeed


Some great snow drifts on the A43 this morning, 5ft high in places by side of road.


Bloody freezing here no power or heating Can’t watch American pickers


Fuck, no gas either? :weary:


No at least the kids are getting used to a post brexit at a young age


Woke up to no heating. Phoned engineer, was here in 2 hours, problem fixed, warm again.
Super chap.