Feckin' Weather


Western power have sent a text that power is out til 6 ish. Not sure how big an area though


No fun that. Can you cook Mexican rice special on a barbecue


Cold masturbation makes me grumpy.


Kids are lost with no wi fi game consoles and Netflix. Looks like a monopoly afternoon


That’s the spirit, spam for dinner


Yes can’t even put slade on the hi fi for the full 1970s experience


Put a couple of sods of astroturf on the fire?


It’s back.



Just all sit and look at this :smile:


Get charging




Track Mr Plow live :stuck_out_tongue:

(currently near Aviemore)


I am WFH today.
Just got am email to say that due to worsening conditions the office has closed at 3.00.

Does this apply to me?


I would definitely read it that way. :wink:


Mr Plow caught on video earlier.


See clause 3.4a of weather / travel disruption policy

Sadly not


Ponies seem to be finding food ok


Snow again today. As it gets later the icing up starts, so won’t be going into work again tonight.


I say chaps, I don’t wish to moan or sound wussy but it’s getting a tad chilly and blowy. Even the gents in the North East are wearing t-shirts to keep warm, whatever next.


Posties in long trousers :scream: