Feckin' Weather


Can’t happen. Not possible. Nup. No way.


Surprised you start ed


flipping pain this snow , hope it stops soon , wanted to be in devon saturday but no cnace of that !!


So far, it’s taken Mrs MJ2 an hour and a half to travel the 1 1/2 miles from Luton Parkway rail station to our house, and she’s still only 2/3 of the way here.


Whereabouts in Luton are you Mike?


Wigmore, Ennismore Green.


I guess that explains the time getting home, getting up the hill in the snow !


Yes, she had to abandon the car at the last hill (cars stuck) and walked the last 1/2 mile.

Mad !


We’ve made Didcot to Stockport with just one incident. It was quite an incident though. Artic hits central barrier in small hours of morning. Southbound M40 closed until 12:30. Northbound down to one lane. All for two blokes with an adjustable spanner to rebuild the barrier through Friday afternoon. Northbound jams visible from space.




‘Pet food marketing’ :laughing:. Is that a thing now?


Only if you own a HiFi Forum :smirk:


8 out of 10 people say it is :grinning:


I’m a Lesley Judd fan myself.:grin:



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Snow has almost disappeared here. :grinning:


I shouldn’t laugh, but the person down the street who regularly parks their BMW X5 au façon d’une chatte seems to have had an incident, and the front of it is all smashed in. :roll_eyes:


Il n’y a pas de neige à Liverpool maintenant


Crime of the century in Dublin. Heavy snowstorm used as cover to ram-raid a Lidl :confounded: and a Centra. Unsuprisingly, the building housing the Lidl collapsed. Feckin’ eeeejits :roll_eyes: