Few bits for sale - Technics TT's, phono stage etc

Not sure if these will be of interest here but they are good deals, so -

Technics SL-10, with good condition, genuine ADC PSX40 (hard to get hold of and very good) mm cart - £225 + p&p

Technics SL-7, excellent condition, with good condition genuine Technics EPC-202c cart - £150+ p&p

As above, very good condition, with Ortofon OM-10 (might be 20) cart. £135+ p&p

Excellent condition Boozhound J-Fet mm phono stage in wood frame with carbon top. Foo Russian caps in the right places. Fantastic looking and sounding for the money, in fact, for twice the money - £125+ p&p

The Technics decks are surprisingly good and make excellent starter decks or great for outdoor events such as the annual Sou’ Wester or Dales get together :slight_smile:

Any questions, just holler.

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Very good prices.

Makes a change for you to say that Bob :smiley:


PM sent.

Would have had one of those if daughter hadn’t already got a TT :heart_eyes:

Yea, for students / kids etc, they are a fantastic, idiot proof intro to vinyl hi-fi sound.
Love 'em

No interest out there ?

SL-10 now Sold


SL-7 now sold, too.


OK, Boozhound phono still available.

All those fooey Teflon caps and VishayDale RN50 resistors for a measly £125.

It also comes with a 19V Laptop style DC supply.

Bargain for someone.

Phono now £110 + p&p :sunny:

You wouldn’t find anything close, performance wise, for double that, imo.

£ 100 + p&p ?

This thing really is surprisingly capable.

How do you photograph a carbon fibre top plate with flash ?

There is a bloke on AOS looking for a phono stage for £100, might be worth dropping him a PM
I put a link to this advert on there. Maybe he’ll contact you.

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What is the ratio of the phono stage?

Sorry chaps but the phono stage is now sold

And very good it is too :+1:

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