Financial advisers

Im in need of a registered financial adviser. This forum reaches all corners, can anybody recommend someone they trust, i know thats any oxymoron but im all ears…

I know quite a good one, but is there anything specific that you are looking for help with?

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White Powder Ltd, can help you transact in virtual currencies, contact me on for the best rate in Cyber Kitties or KondoCunts

You may have ticked the Euromillions ‘no publicity’ box but I think you’ve just blown it.


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I’ll actually be in need of one, too.

One of my pensions matures early next year. It’s not a lot, but was set up to mature when I hit 55 (unlike me) and retire :rofl:

Well, that ain’t gonna be happening, but a bit of advice is probably a good idea.

Invest in more vinyl.

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:thinking: I would like the possibility of the value of my investment to go up, as well as down.



Buy this

Twenty of us will pay £20 each for the weekend stay once a year.We can also set fire to your new garden, bother the locals etc you won’t care as the raffle prizes are every expense spared.

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Depends upon geographical location surely? Mine is West Yorkshire based but does travel and is very good, recommended to me by a bloke I really trust.

Applying the defibrillator to this thread …

Does anyone know a good flat fee financial adviser?

I’m aware that my muneh is appallingly “invested”. However I have a major ideological problem with handing over a percentage of it for a piece of work with fixed scope. I’m also seriously averse to equities but that’s kind of immaterial.

edit: Google appears to be an absolute minefield of charlatans, hence asking for personal recommendations

Investment grade hifi is the way forward, I’m told.

Or Bitcoin.

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Good luck with finding somebody, at all, who’s willing to work for a flat fee, let alone somebody good.

It may be best to find one that works with a mid sized accounting firm local to you; they will be less likely to be wide boys. Most will be willing to be flexible on fees; there are often commissions on products that they sell that are unavoidable (ie there’s nothing to be gained by rejecting it, the product doesn’t get any better), but many are willing to refund this to you.

You should always be able to have a grown up discussion with them about fees and commissions. You should be able to get an hourly rate for advice and a fixed rate for setting up something, with commissions paid back in if that’s what you want.

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Yes, PM incoming.

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