Fitting cart leads


I got these

As my old ones are brittle and have not survived removal.

I can’t get them to fit. They just fall off. Even with needle nose tweezers or pliers I can’t nip them enough to fit.

Am I missing something. I am claphanded so maybe it’s me… or am I missing an obvious step in the process??

Looks like you’re trying to force them over the pins - the female bit on the wire needs to be gently opened up first.

Are these the new ones in the pic? looks as if they are not wide enough, they’ve splayed out. Bring them along to Tim’s tomorrow and I’m sure the combined brain and muscle power there will sort something out.

Looks like the heat shrink is covering the collar and stopping the pin from fully inserting.

Despite high consultancy fees, the sage advice would be to get @J_B to take a look at the problem



They are new. Too wide to snugly grip the headhsell.
A bit small for the cart.

But they won’t tighten once fitted and just fall off.

May need a different type of design plugs?

I’ll bring with as I can’t use my deck without the damn things! It has developed a sudden hum (overwhelming with no ground leads and still audible when grounded) so I was trying to eliminate the cause and fitting these was one part of the process.

Stupid question but have you got them the right way round?

I’ll bring a few spares (only el-cheapo) in case of need.
Can’t guarantee that " They sound organically natural and musical." though (copied from the ad linked to in OP). :grinning:

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They seem to be symmetrical?!

Ok, a lot of my headshells have pins smaller than the cart. If you don’t get sorted tomorrow give me a shout and I’ll send you a set with different style connectors that will easily fit over your cart pins - they do look quite long.


I’ve just made up a set, hopefully they’ll do the job.


No they wont. Close them up using some fine nose pliers off the hewdshell and cart, the metal will be slighty springy so go slowly can carefully. Ive had to do this quite often when changing carts.
You can open the ones that are too tight with a very fine jewelers screwdriver.
Looking at the picture the leads dont really appear suitable, a bit to thick. The sumiko. Hl-29 ones are a better bet ime.

Many cartridge tags can be more safely closed by inserting a wooden cocktail stick before squeezing with pliers.


While this is true, and is sage advice, the sentence could be much more amusing if it began with 3 words other than ‘Many cartridge tags’.

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