Fix my car over the internet thread


Get your wheel alignment checked, a wheel that nis toed in will make a drone…


Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?


Have had a crappy noise from the engine for a while,and think it maybe the cambelt tensioner rattling about.
Can it be fixed,can a new one be used or does the cambelt need replacing?


If it is the tensioner get it fixed before the cambelt slips.


or seizes and causes the belt to snap

(as happened to me, well the aux belt did and got caught in the cam belt causing it to jump a few teeth)


If you are going to get the tensioner replaced get them to replace the cam belt and water pump at the same time as the parts are fairly cheap and most of the labour is getting the belt on/off to replace the tensioner.


Might just bin it.
Just found out it blew the metal bits off one of the spark plugs a couple of weeks ago.
Is due it’s mot in the next month or so,so don’t know if it’s worth throwing a couple of hundred at it.

Strangely it’s still running ok,but just sounds shit.