Fix the MiL's tech for me plz

I’m going over to Norn Iron in about 10 days, so a list of stuff for me to do is being drawn up.

The MiL has

  • 12 CDs to which she is very attached
  • a Bose boombox
  • shitty radio reception
  • an Audible (talking books) subscription that gets really battered on Kindle tablets
  • a good internet connection

The Bose has blown the fuck up.
Audible has stopped working and SiL #2 couldn’t work out why.

This started out as an enquiry from her as to whether the CDs could be ripped.

Short version: I’ve already warped over a Sonos One. It’s pretty simple, pretty resilient, and I can support it remotely. Also the internet radio is great and I can get Craig Charles. Choon!

I think another one will be ordered as soon as she sees what it can do with Audible.

The CDs are the problem.

At home I have a paid license for dbPoweramp. For her’s I will take over a CD drive, but I need software. Something that can find the basics of tags, and rip to flac. And is free. EAC? Anything else?

Storage. This is reall tricky. It needs to be on a Windows share / SMB. There is a PC but it’s rarely on. A full-blown NAS is overkill for 12 CDs. Is there a cloud provider where I can upload stuff and it can pretend to be a local share? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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That was what I was reaching for. Cheers.

If she has audible does she have Amazon prime? Doesn’t that come with a music streaming facility? Would that work, if the CDs were marked as favourites?

Pi running OMV with a moderately sized USB stick being the drive?

Otherwise you could just use a raspberry pi zero with a 16gb card, they’ll fit on there easily

I know nothing about Sonos, but can it play back from USB?

I think she just has Audible rather than the full Prime potato.

Another boombox ?

You will be 24/7 tech helpline otherwise.

Samsung tablet (not an expensive one) microSD card, load the CDs onto it, get audible and bbc sounds (and other internet radio as necessary) apps, teach MiL how to cast to Sonos.

Unfortunately not.

These days the “music library” is very much subsidiary to steaming. Windows share only.

Yes, I’m starting to think that putting it on her phone and Sonos “play from this device” might work.

Need to test it.