Flat roof cost

Has anyone had a dormer flat roof replaced recently?

Mine is about 9ft x 9ft and needs removing and replacing with a fibreglass roof. Scaf will be needed. I’m thinking a roofer will charge around £1500 all in, is that about right?


yes had our big dormer roof done recently , from an amazing roofer . took 2 days approx 18ft wide by about 14ft and it was 900 quid . i thought that was extremely cheap !! not sure if i would be able to reproduce that again.

be interesting to see what quotes you get

Surely that quote can’t include the scaffolding costs though? I take it the invoice was paid using the Allardyce method.

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I wouldn’t have thought so, I had one done about 15 years ago with hot tar and felt, not fibreglass, that was £1500 then.

This is the bloke that has an £87 buildings & contents insurance premium, remember.

It might be BULLSHIT.


:scream: surely not :scream:

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But, but… It’s on the internet…

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Firestone rubber do a good product for flat roofs.

gaffer tape

Get some Borax in and repair it with Slime :+1:


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If you would like to see my renewal I will happily post it to you . It’s not bullshit . I regularly have roofing jobs done, the roofer was married to my old boss and yes 900 pounds included a small scaffolding rig . It was not buildings and contents insurance, it was only contents insurance at that price

2 days work including material and scarff, do you live in Liberia

Ha no , I have a good number of contractors that know I pay immediate and do not quible . Tommorrow i have a leckie coming to a house i am renovating and he will give me a good price because of that . Once you build up a team then they know you will recommend them as I do to many folks who ask me for advice . Had a roof overhaul last year on a small 2 bed which included new ridge bedding, 2 air vents, bathroom vent tile and several tiles , front and rear horizontal gutter. 1 days work and total cost was 550



would that be epdm ? i have a flat roof on a porch that has felt on one side and this thin rubber like surface on the other side . i was very nervous about walking on it as it seemed rather fragile . personally i prefer the old fashioned felt roof . even if they only last about 15 years

i have kept my garage roof felt going now for over 23 years by painting it at least every 3 years with solar reflective paint and thats been brilliant . its easy to get to though unlike some dormers which are a nightmare to access .

I can smell horse shit, can you?


interesting how quotes can vary , we had a quote for 4 smoke alarms and a new board from a big electrical co , they quoted 3720 for hard wired , 1600 for wireless . we got a quote from a local chap who is brilliant and fully qualified and for 980 yesterday . thats a pretty big difference in quotes really for the same job . the difference being one has big overheads and is vat registered



I love this thread.