Flogging in game stuff for real money

My son plays Counter Strike Global Offence on Steam

The other day he bought a key and the chest had a glove in it. Supposedly said glove is worth over £500 in real money but the only way to sell it for real money is via some third party sites…

Has anyone on here successfully done this? I don’t want him being defrauded or to risk my bank details anywhere dodgy

If he sells it via steam he can only get steam credits… can they be sold? Is that any safer?

It’s known as RMT (real money trading). Be careful as most games will permaban the account if it gets caught doing it.

£500 in steam credits would buy all of steam in the summer sale.

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He’d rather buy a new graphics card…
It appears there are ways and means but since some of them involve bitcoin and the like i’m pretty wary of them

Not a happy lad… finally sold the glove in game for over £500. Bought a few cheapy things and gifted his mate a game… then found a transaction to a complete stranger, for and item for a game he doesn’t have that has emptied his account bar £3…

He has the mobile authentication app and has logged a ticket with valve so​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
Definitely won’t be rushing to put any real money into his game wallet though