Chelsea in almost as bad a state as Arsenal - manager has lost the respect of the board and players and is just a lame duck till the end of the season.


Think he has finally lost it…

'It’s difficult when you have just the trousers on’
Wenger also used a slightly bizarre metaphor about being undressed in the post-mach press conference with the inference being not to kick a man when he is down.
“It’s difficult when you have just the trousers on,” the Frenchman said cryptically.
"It’s easy to take the trousers off as well, but when you are naked completely you have to try and find a shirt and get dressed properly again.
“You can’t put them more down.”


Is his script writer Eric Cantona?


No, Chumpy…


It’s certainly all set up for a convenient bore-draw next Saturday @murrayjohnson @ICHM


Be more exciting if not but 0-0 would not be a huge surprise & would suit both clubs.


The utter rubbish that the Blues played today made me ashamed to be a supporter. I have never seen a Chelsea side do that before. Ever! There is something going on that we are not party to but it has to stop. I apologize to everyone who saw the game.


Don’t. As an Everton supporter I was pleased to see somebody more clueless than us this week. We might be utter gash but at least we didn’t chose to be. It is a small crumb of comfort after the most pitiful week of an awful year. That, and the impending relegation of West Brom and hopefully Stoke too.


I’m sure it’s pure coincidence that of all the clubs who sacked their managers around Christmas, the only one having a proper bounce is the one that brought in the dirty foreigner (taking all the English manager oppoortunities, natch) from Sheffield Wednesday. Instead of the tired old merry-go-round of wank (forum strapline) of Allardyce, Pardew, Moyes et al.


Messi got his 600th goal today.


Everton are set to offer Arsene Wenger an immediate return to Premier League management if he is sacked by Arsenal, according to the Daily Star.

That should keep Olan happy.:rofl::rofl:


Hopefully when he is unveiled to the press at Goodison he has remembered to put his trousers on…


The Daily Star really? :poop: :poop:


You can’t fight it Arsene, I must insist you get on the train to Liverpool.



Get in!!
I hope we haven’t just hit the wasps nest.


They’ve started well. deserve their lead.

Pogba’s playing as if he’s drunk.


Yep, deserved half time lead. Huge slice of luck for the goal, but Benteke did very well to set it up.

I think Palace will struggle to maintain this intensity for the full 90 though


He’s having a mare. United need someone wide to take the right full back on. Rashford maybe?


Utd just aren’t a team at the moment. Useless.


Simple enough when they do score, Not sure why they’re fucking about so much.