Way too early for that IMO

There’ll be more than an upset or two before the season ends.


I know it’s a bold statement, a win would put United 5 points ahead of Liverpool and at least 4 points ahead of Spurs. I can’t see them dropping all those points in the remaining games.


I’m not sure they are a good team yet. Just an assemblage of some talented individuals alongside some average ones.


Not many games left… nine?

It’s true that a gap of more than four or five would be hard to overturn. Although gd would be important if it’s under two wins.


Nobody mentioned Wenger.:wink:


Always been Mourinho’s modus operandi.


Now that’s taking it too fucking far


I wonder if Arse would take Sanchez back in return for Mkhitaryan. Neither is exactly pulling up trees where they are.


Don’t think Sanchez gives a fuck about anything but his wages - which was obvious long before you signed him.


I agree. There were a good many pundits/journos drooling about his qualities but I didn’t see it during most of the time he was at Arsenal (apart from the first 6 months perhaps) and I’m definitely not seeing it now. Even on those rare occasions when he doesn’t give the ball away his running with it is mostly unproductive. It does sound as though he (& Pogba) both got a rocket from Jose after the shambles of a first half.

Despite the excessive fees paid there are too many in Utd’s team that are either some way past their best; Valencia, Young, Sanchez, Mata or just not good enough; Smalling, Jones, Lindelof, Pogba (at the moment) & Shaw (looking fat). Matic is usually OK & although clumsy, Lukaku does do a lot of good things & usually gets his goal despite poor service. Lingard too is mostly playing pretty well. But it’s a miracle that they are currently 2nd & mostly thanks to the octopus.


If you look at the spend on players in the last two years the two top teams should be exactly where they are.
It’s a disgrace how much they offered Sanchez.
He can be amazIng, but I’m not sure he ever needs to “work again” in a very lose appropriation of that term.
He’s got his pension sorted and he’s playing.
He needs dropping.


Pogba clearly hugely talented but not suited to Mourinho’s tactics - I’ll swap you for Milner or Henderson.:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a long time since United actually bought a player who worked out tremendously well. RVP and Ibra had one good season but were both getting on a bit, and I can’t think of any younger players who came to United with big reputations, progressed into real world class talents and were sold for a large profit. Ronaldo was probably the last one.


I don’t get why we got Sanchez, which I have said before. We have two better players on the left side of midfield in Pogba and Martial, and maybe Rashford. Why do we need a 4th?

At the moment, I would bench Sanchez and give Martial a run, with Mata playing 10 and Lingard on the right.

I really like Shaw, he was playing well and Jose bottled it and brought in Young for the big matches, we should have kept Shaw there.


Goalie’s not bad but they have bought badly for a long time.


I think Shaw is a good player but he is either a poor trainer or partying which Jose won’t stand for. The one thing that I liked about Sanchez besides his goals was his work rate and as long as he keeps that up he has a good chance of staying in Jose’s team.


The problem with Sanchez, was that the rest of the team around him at Arse were so bad, he appeared to be amazing!


Forgot about him.:roll_eyes:


For £400k a week I expect more than workrate - he should be scoring a hat-trick every game.


Not under Jose.


Then surely Jose isn’t the right manager for Man Utd - Pep and Jurgen have shown how things should be done at the elite level.