Yep, if not for him, they’d be mid table :smirk:


They would have been relegated under Moyes and LVG but for him.


Excellent. It must be great for Jurgen to take Jose to one side & show him all the trophies he’s won since coming to England. I read last night that Klopp has actually won as much with Liverpool as Hodgson did although Hodgson, to his credit, did it in less time.

De Gea was probably the last shrewd signing SAF made. Van Persie was very much a known quantity when Arsenal let him move.




err… how long has Jose been here (on and off) compared to Jurgen?..and also compare how much money they’ve spent !

Jurgen will have his day.


Jose started at Utd in the summer of 2016. I was comparing with what he’d done since then.




Fixt for reality


Not at LFC though.


An unfair comparison then, Jose has had far more PL experience.



He hasn’t won the PL with Man Utd. He won the Europa League & the League cup. If I’m not mistaken, Jurgen could also have won both of those with Liverpool having reached the finals.


PSG V Real Slimeballs, I feel PSG will do it. PSG 4-1 tonight.


Not without Neymar & they really need a fully fit Mbappe.


Surprised that Danny Ings and Solanke aren’t starting tonight.


He is a really decent player with horrible luck when it comes to injuries. I really hope he makes it back to full fitness. I can’t help but wonder how well he will be able to walk when he is 50.


Villa going well at the Stadium of Light :slightly_smiling_face:


Well that was the most pointless Champions League game ever.


Chris Coleman must be rueing his decision big time.


Certainly rueing criticising Grabban before the game who promptly scored the first past them :shushing_face: