Delivered in a (very) mock Shetland accent

Still, the sentiment remains :rage:


Have faith dear boy, they’re saving themselves to run riot at Old Trafford on Saturday.


Jose has already parked the bus…


And the uncle is lighting another candle


Jurgen has the keys to his bus :grin:

'leccy must have gone again.


Oscar scores 2 great goals.


Spuds very lucky, that was a stonewall penalty


Has one of those touch line officials ever given a decision. Utter waste of space

Spurs looking decent so far,can see Juve scoring on one these counters though


Hopefully Juve nick it in the last minute.


They deserved that goal, especially Son, he’s having a blinder


Squeaky bum time!


Was just about to say how well spurs have contained them and can’t remember any shots from juve




Well, they have something to do now. Another from Juve and Spuds are up shit creek


European masterclass from Juvé.


Juve were outstanding in the second half. Over the two legs they deserve to progress and will be very hard to beat in the next round.


City lost at home. Bravo played. No further explanation necessary.


I wanted Spurs to win. More games to play. :cry:


AC Milan. Good but not as good as Brighton.

Wenger in!


If Chelsea make it through in the CL I just hope they get drawn against Man City.

What would Conte’s approach be? Would he play only 9 men behind the ball this time, or go for boring them to death again? Fascinating.