Can’t see them getting past Barcelona tbh. But yer never know.


Naby Keita :heart_eyes:


He’ll be injured by the time you get him.


Anybody else think that this is OTT?


Yes but if they really feel the need to punish him then a touchline ban for a game or two would have had more effect.


Should have docked City 100 points imo and shared those points among those teams that have beaten them.
Alternativel they could have used a nerve agent on him as a warning to others.:smiling_imp:


Not if it means WBA or Stoke stay up.


I am mildly surprised by the scoreline at the mo.


Boring boring Man Utd


This is one those games where I want both sides to lose 5-0. Liverpool are on schedule so it is not all bad news. Otherwise meh!


So much this.


Were getting fuck all from this.


Rashford doing a Salah.

These big games go like this. Can swing either way on the day.


More importantly,it’s screwed my prediction up


and mine. cunts!


And mine double cunts


Bailly’s driving the bus. We’ve missed him.


Half right, we’re doing a lot of running, no riot though.
Hats off to United, they’re marking everyone out of the game and Liverpool just haven’t found an answer.


Sound. Pawson’s decided to give them every decision now.


Yellow for fellani in 321.