I’d love West Ham to go down - the owners are such utter tossers.


West Ham are utter fucking dog waste.


I hope you picked it up and put it in a poo bin.




Beat Wolves 4-1, wasn’t expecting that but a great second half performance from Villa :slightly_smiling_face:


Chelsea made hard work of beating Palace today and nearly blew it at the end.
We have so many average players and need a clear out for next season.


4 3 Home win and I had to work



Gloating, Mac gloatie gloat. :sunglasses:

Well done lads, the office will be a nicer place. :wink:


Was there today, the fans were the only thing worth watching. The owners are fucking disgraceful :rage:


The Mahrez pass & Vardy shot. Perfection


Got very drunk with some fans after yesterday’s game, that’s the best I’ve seen Villa play against decent opposition for many years.

JT was pumped at the final whistle and roared at the Holte End who responded in kind. What an atmosphere. Singing ‘Don’t look back in anger’ at the Wolves fans as they traipsed out looking dejected :laughing:


Nope, the owners are. Once the proceeds of Upton Park are in their grubby little hands, they’ll be off.


Just need to sack Bruce as soon as you get promoted.:+1:


Goes without saying.


Thought for the day: Benitez keeping that Newcastle squad in the Premiership is (will be) a minor miracle, given the resources made available to him and the working environment around Ashley.


Been in the workshop, so listening to the Arsenal Watford commentary on 5L

John Motson in his last radio commentary. It was/is painful to listen to. He even managed the previously thought impossible task of making Steve Claridge sound interesting.



He’s been shocking for ages.


Oh man, he was mispronouncing names, ages behind the play, forgetting what he was talking about mid sentence. Like a puchdrunk boxer he was just bumbling through it.

I can’t stand Steve Claridge, but he kept Motson’s head just above water. Kept correcting him and describing situations that ought to have been part of the commentary.


“Oh and heres Ohhhhhhhh”
“And now it’s ohhhhhh”
“Oh and this is… is it? Yes, it’s ohhhhhhh”
“Ohh and that was ohhhhhh and now it’s ohhhhhhh!”


Exactly that.

You heard it too then :wink: