Yes, for about the last 4 years.


The bad news is that although he’s retired from radio, he’s continuing on MOTD :roll_eyes:


Police investigating a 50p coin thrown on the pitch at a yesterday’s West Ham United game have discovered it was in fact a hostile takeover bid.



That game between Chelsea & Liverpool on 5th May could be huge. Spurs also have City & Chelsea to play.


He never reacted with such speed as a player!


Bye bye Jamie - what a plum.:crazy_face:


Those West Ham lads are a bunch on lightweights. If you are going to invade the pitch, make sure you’re packing heat and can affect the result.


Disgusting twat. Sack him.


Showing his class.



Time for Kenny to get the t shirt printing press warmed up.


Should’ve got out and kung-fu kicked the mobile phone-waving quilt. He’d have been a national hero.


It’s a poor show and he knows it. I would sack him immediately.

But hey on another day I’d have gobbed on the twat, sometimes it’s far better than punching someone on the nose


He’ll probably get off with a suspension but both of them should be getting a visit from the police for driving without due care and attention.

“Bit of banter” and having his mobile ready to film the whole thing. :thinking:

Should be points and a fine but he’ll 10 grand from the Mirror and a pat on the back from his Manc. mates.


I think spitting on someone is assault too isn’t it ?

I must admit , when I heard about it on radio and read his apology i thought he must have really been verbally abused. But it was hardly anything. He’d have faced far worse from the terraces every week.

What a knob !


He does have previous for getting rattled. Remember when he lobbed a coin that someone chucked at him back into the crowd during a derby?

Also, if you believe the incident played out as per the story in the Mirror, well…


None of this excuses anything, I should add.


The video I’ve seen certainly suggests there was just some gentle banter - nothing rude or agressive from the driver.


Well that’s absolutely put that to bed hasn’t it, Paul?


The camera never lies.:wink:


The Mirror definitely want the bloke filming it while driving to look like a steaming arsehole. Definitely.