Serves him right for driving a Range Rover - if he’d been driving a 15 year old Golf like me he wouldn’t have been recognised.:smiley:


Eddie Jones appeared to be subjected to worse after the Scotland match yet somehow managed to refrain from spitting at those abusing him.


It must have been going on before the filming took place. But just wind your window ya cock innit!


The point is, you and I have no idea what happened, but the rush to judgement and faux outrage show that the Mirror have done their job and our phone-wielding friend will soon be in Magaluf with his spending money spreading the Brexit gospel.


Carragher had to stay on at OT after the match & go through the painful analysis of that defeat. He said he was goaded several times on the motorway during his journey home & snapped at this particular provocation. This was obviously an altercation between them which may or may not have gone on for longer than the video shows. Regardless he was obviously fully wound up by this point & just lost control. It doesn’t really matter who did the provoking. Carragher ended up spitting at this driver & his daughter. It’s difficult to imagine any valid excuse for it. He should’ve kept his window closed and really he should have calmed down by then anyway.

I’m not ‘outraged’ by it. It’s simply pathetic behaviour. I’m also not surprised by the now predictable chorus of whatabouttery that’s accompanied it. It’s always the same.


Apropos of nothing, whoever popularised the term “whatabouttery” into recent common use needs a spike up his anus.


He was as dumb as soup and should never work again.
Sky should employ me as I am much better at critiquing Liverpool.


Dirty spitty bastard.

T’other bloke should be beaten with heavy bats.


Suspended. He must have taken some stick from Gary Neville and Co.


Maybe he spat at them too.:joy:


Christ, you’d whinge if they won the treble !


It’ll never happen. :smiley:


It did happen ! Under Houllier.

Just not the proper treble :wink::joy:


Southampton sack Manager.


because without a doubt it is the manager’s fault that they are where they are


absolutely definitely nothing to do with level of investment in their squad compared with… well everybody else in the Prem tbh :man_facepalming:


Wonder if the floodgates will open now? Much respect for Silva who seems to be able to play wonderful football while managing what must be an awful family situation.


Been reading the BBC commentary on the match, best line if the evening so far

“Manchester City are still on track to win the title against Manchester United”



2-1 :smiley: