Would he be the first manager to be part involved in taking 2 teams down if he gets the job?



And I thought mine going up from £357 to £375 was steep


You might yet have championship football to watch. Could be a bargain!


Bloody hope so if he gets the job.


I think it works out to about £16 per game so I can hack that. No football match should ever be more than that imo. The funny thing is I was just reading a thread on the argyle forum about championship club finances and whilst it would be nice to go up , it’s just not sustainable. I’m seriously of the opinion that I wouldn’t want to reach the riches of the premier league.
Hope it’s ok to post this here.



Pogba out Fellaini in. Biggest game of the season to date.

What do the MUTD followers think of the team selection?


Fellaini’s new hairstyle. :nerd_face:


Is the correct answer ’ yeah, someone is gonna get elbowed in the face’?


Well that was an unsurprisingly dull first half


Villa fucking things up after taking Wolves apart :man_facepalming:


Oh dear.

It was coming


Why couldn’t these fucking quilts play like this on Saturday?


I know, Jamie Carragher will be spitting feathers.:joy:


Terrible tactics from the start. No wonder the fans are unhappy, why play so negatively from the first whistle in a game you have to win?

Maureen’s crown is slipping badly


Mourinho prioritised the wrong game.

Serves the Manc supporters right.
Maybe Jamie Carragher will go and drive around the M60 holding his mobile phone camera shouting 2-1 at any cars with Man Utd fans in.:joy:


Sevilla fully deserve to progress. Could have been 4 or 5 in the end.

Awful display from Utd in such a massive game which I hesitate to blame the players for, they were surely playing to instruction.