Wonder if Arsenal might take a punt on Nagelsmann from Hoffenheim.


Bagged myself a ticket to watch the final at anfield, are you going mark?
Should be good off with my dad and two brothers


only achieved by selling one pricey player - so not exactly an even playing field


Err that’s business


Good to see Villa wipe the smile of that cunt Pulis face yesterday. Shame that all the kicking of players, towelling of balls for long throws, playing 10 giants and one skilful player came to nothing. Just need to finish the job on Tuesday :pray:


that is true


No, I’ve got an invite to watch round at a mate’s house. You’ve done well to bag one of those tickets, I heard they were sold out in no time. Don’t understand why they didn’t do all four sides of the ground with screens.


Shame I was hoping to have a beer, it’s fitting too as it’s my brother’s birthday. Whatever happens I will be good for nothing. He was more gutted he didn’t get a Kiev ticket only 1 out of the 6 of his crew got one.


I know they could have sold the ground out


wtf is going on at Wembley?


In Rafa we trust


Robbo and Solanke break their duck.
Bit like a party at Anfield!


Some of the goals in the Spurs Leicester match. Wow


bugger forgot to watch MOTD


Put the iplayer on & watch from the start. It’s the first game.


Hats off to Hughton, Benitez & Wagner for guiding their teams to safety on minimal resources.


you were right, wow - some great goals, and some woeful defending as well.


Not sure about Silva, but as the moss growing on my fence would be an upgrade on BFS I’ll settle for this if it happens.


Who is going to Chelsea? Brendan Rodgers?


Fat Sam or Pardew.