Looks like it could be the Spuds manager Poch.


Would be a good choice but Roman may not feel inclined to try competing with the likes of City in the transfer market these days.


Karius is currently backed by 64% of the smackheads who’ve repsonded thus far to AE’s poll. My Giddy Aunt


Can anyone?


Thought there had been a minor earthquake this morning in Liverpool. Turns out it was the Two Fat Sams landing on the bones on their arses outside Goodison.


Still a bit iffy about Silva, but he’ll be an upgrade by not being Allardyce.


I think Silva will prove to be a shrewd appointment.

I’d like the Fat Sams to go to either Chelsea or Arsenal.


I expect he’ll be off to do a six month residency at BeIn Sports with Keys and Gray moaning about how the top Premier League jobs are going to foreigners (whilst the three of them trouser hundreds of thousands of pounds for chatting absolute bollocks whilst sat in a studio in Dubai.)


Shut out Boro and shut up that twat Pulis - result.

Not really confident about our chances of beating Fulham who are bang on form but its one match so who knows.


Did you go?


Yep. In the second half the atmosphere was about as rocking as I’ve heard it at Villa Park in 35 years of going. It definitely carried the players through.

Pitch invasion at the end spoilt the chance for the majority to celebrate and send off key players but they seemed to enjoy dancing about with the fans on the pitch.


BFS should go to Stoke or West Brom and build them anew (for a ton of cash and limitless pints of Merlot) but - as above - Im sure he’ll sit on his fat arse, gobbing off and waiting for someoe to get fired around Christmas time, and so starts the cycle again.

Elsewhere, Shit Joe Hart is furious with Shit Dave Moyes for having cost him his WC place, after being dropped him for being week-in.week-out shit. Christ


This ^^^^


Moyes out on his arse too. :grin: Forgot to mention how much I enjoyed Villa anti-footballing the king of anti-football last night. Bit of a shame Hughes has dodged the cull though.


I thought for a change Bruce got his tactics spot on, as evidenced by Pulis team failing to score over both legs and not managing a shot on target last night.

Can’t imagine Pulis was happy with the lack of towels ready by the touchline to depend upon his usual long throw bollox.

It will be a much more open game against Fulham :grimacing:


Swiftly moving for Silva looks even smarter now West Ham are also looking for a manager.

Moyes & Allardyce can probably just cruise about until November when the next club in crisis needs a change of manager.


Reckon Moyes comes out of it with his reputation enhanced and should get another job, maybe in League One, soon enough. If Sean Dyche gets the good job offer he deserves then Burnley would suit him.

Hopefully Fat Sam fucks off for good with his, presumably, 7 figure payoff.:weary:


I was just thinking earlier that a single match is such a poor way of deciding something of such importance to the team and fans. If only there was a way of ranking all the teams in each league over the entire season and selecting on that basis.


You mean like the team that finishes 3rd? Where’s the money in that?


Squad’s out.

Loftus-Cheek the surprise spot. No Smalling.


Goalkeepers: Butland, Pickford, Pope

Defenders: Alexander-Arnold, Cahill, Delph, Jones, Maguire, Rose, Stones, Trippier, Walker, Young.

Midfielders: Alli, Dier, Henderson, Lingard, Loftus-Cheek.

Forwards: Kane, Rashford, Sterling, Vardy, Welbeck