Not sure that Welbeck, Rose, Cahill, Jones or Delph have really earned their places this season. I’d like to have seen some other Burnley inclusions. It probably was too soon for Sessegnon & may also be for TAA who’s been found out a few times. Zaha woud’ve been a good call on current form had he not been messed about with earlier.

I think they could have done with one fewer defender & taken Shelvey. Always handy to have someone who can pass.


Zaha would’ve certainly made it in. I agree one too many defenders.


The centre of defence looks a nightmare waiting to happen.

Agree that having 5 full backs is unnecessary.

Hard to see us doing any better than the last four or five major tourneys.:slightly_frowning_face:


Zaha plays for the Ivory Coast.




I can’t remember what the squad situation was in 2016 but it’s hard to imagine it being much stronger than this. He’d be starting England’s games at the moment in a front three with Kane and Sterling.


Still would have taken gray,someone who can frighten an older defence.
Hopefully Rashford can get to playing how he was 2 years ago




Still think they’ll need 2 different line ups. One to attack for the first 2 games and then a pressing/counter attacking option for Belgium & the latter rounds.


Probably on my own here,but don’t fancy Kane to do anything in this tournament at all,hope i’m wrong.


The only upside I can see is there’s no ‘star’ player carrying an injury who obviously shouldn’t be there.

Where have all England’s feted central defenders gone?


Fulham have been a bit dodgy lately actually.


He needs to avoid playing Dier & Henderson at the same time. The team becomes too slow & stodgy.




Pah. Everyone knows its the 4th placed team deserves to go up :slight_smile:


23 match unbeaten run in the second half of the season dodgy?

Yes they slipped up against Blues who needed a result to stay up, but they’re hardly on dodgy form!


Until he leaves for a slightly bigger club next season or sooner.


I can’t see City, Utd or Liverpool changing manager soon. Spurs maybe. Obviously Arsenal are still looking too. Perhaps Chelsea. I don’t know if he’s done enough yet to convince those 3.


Moyes back to Everton


Before beating Derby to get to the Final they lost to Derby at there place drew with Brentford at home and beat Sunderland and Reading (10 men) at home by a single goal.