Hopefully we will get Pardew,with Moyes as No.2


In which case I hope the Fulham you are characterising turn up at Wembley on the 26th :grinning:




Pardew the wanker to Everton, you fucking deserve him


At this rate the Arse will end up with Moyes or Arteta, both will be a disaster imo…


Who would you like (that are realistic)?


Arteta could be very good.


On what basis have you come to that conclusion?


I still think Ancelloti would be a good stop gap, to gain a perception of what actually is possible with the infrastructure that’s there…

The big names won’t come, because they’re all currently asking for a £200m spend, when I think there’s only £50m on the table…

So until Kroenke moves on, and there’s someone willing to take a punt, nothing significant will realistically change that much, unfortunately…


Winning the Football Predictor.


So would Conte… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now he would be good.


In that case you should apply for the job, it would obviously be an easy ask


He does better when he doesn’t have champions league to contend with so might be a good fit at Arsenal.


Have ticket for playoff final :+1:


Ray Wilson dead at 83.


I’ll be honest and say I had to google him to find out who he was.:grimacing:



Stoke City midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri has a £12m relegation release clause in his contract and is keen to play Champions League football again.

Got to be a joke surely.


He could easily sign for a European CL side, not necessarily one of the PL teams.