Well, that escalated quickly.


Bloody hell, where did that come from?


All the best deals are private.

The press rumours are usually speculative tat, or common knowledge.


Along with Keita that should sort the midfield.:+1:

Shame Lallana seems to have lost all his ability - if he can’t get his mojo back then we need another couple of attacking options - a straight goalscorer type and a creative midfielder / number 10 (to replace Coutinho).

Then we just need a goalie and a decent centre half.:roll_eyes:


AL just needs some fitness and game time.

He has had five minutes football and it shows. He came on this weekend as there wasn’t another option!


Fabinho looks a good buy.

Hopefully like this most of business is done before the world cup starts


Shows the intent


Not had a proper 6 since Mascerano left.

Fekir is the one I want. He’s the replacement for Coutinho.

And a goalie. By god, we’re going to get reamed on goalie prices.


I also want a bench we can turn to with impact, for me that’s when we move on from this season.


I’m hoping that business is all but done to


I think a fit and motivated Zaha is the one…

But I suspect cost and issues make it a no no.

By the way… do all Brazilian midfielders names start with F ??


I think it’s Philippe with a Ph.



Would be a great addition but think he wants to stay in London to be near his family after his fuck up of a move to MUFC.


I still don’t understand where Keita fits in if he’s not the new Coutinho?


Keita replaces any of the current 3 midfielders and should be a big improvement on them.


Ta. So the ‘ideal’ line up is:

Same front three,
Keita + Fabinho + Fekir
Same Keystone Cops four
Anyone, just anyone else

Is that about right ? (One hell of a team on paper)


Sturridge & Ings will be offloaded, Can has gone, your calamity goalkeeper will be on your books for the next few years as no fucker is going to buy him.

So you need; goalkeeper, centre half, cover for right back, back-up strikers (2), winger (left sided).


I know he’s been injured, and TAA will be the nuts in a few years…but what’s wrong with Clyne at RB?

Another question - does anyone know if Klopp’s Dortmund squad was big enough to rotate? Does he have form for rotating if the squad is good enough?


You’ll never walk alone (unless your name is Karius) then you will. :grinning:

Incidentally was Ings unavailable on Saturday?


Can was selected ahead of him. LFC expected to be ahead and then Can to shore up midfield for the last 20 minutes.