I noticed that, at least from the pictures I saw, there were no Liverpool.players consoling him or anywhere near him at the end, it was only RM players who seemed concerned.


Another urban myth, I’m afraid.


Just looking into the veracity of this. :joy: Great quote to start your career off.


If he’s a defensive midfielder he’d have fitted in well with Mourinho’s style. It’s the ‘flair’ players that seem to have their wings clipped.


This sums thing up beautifully really:


Fucking hell, David Squires has got some neck to be satirising “long and tortuous messages”.


I was wondering how long that one would take to elicit a response…



Lampard to take over as manager of Derby. Bit of a leap in the deep end there…


Hope he does well - always came across as a decent bloke.


Why on earth have they gotten rid of Rowett? Bloody idiots


He took the Stoke job. He is the new Hughes/Pulis.



Brilliant article on the CL final from Ken Early.


Ah missed that. Yep he is definitely another one cast from the same mould.


Agreed. Mouth breather finds his proper level…


Ken Early is obviously too young to remember Graeme Souness’s thuggery. On a different level altogether to anything Ramos ever did. Imagine the outcry now if one player punched another & broke his jaw during a CL game.


Roy Keane on Alf Inge Haarland was the worst I’ve ever seen - you must have been so proud of your captain.


No, that was a terrible challenge & he was rightly sent off for it. Some people mistakenly think that challenge ended Halland’s career but he finished that match & played the following Wednesday. In fact it was Halland’s left knee problems that eventually forced him to retire a couple of years later in 2003.



Pretty certain Graeme Souness wasn’t playing mate, but good try.


Bout time Man U bought Ramos, to spice up the LFC Man U games :grinning: He is definitely a cheating bastard though, and knew exactly what he was doing with Salah…