Potch will be gutted


Chavs put the new stadium on hold. Looks like first stage of Roman putting it up for sale.

Conte I think for Real scum.


ZZ to take a break and then be PSGs next manager at the end of the season.


Nailed on that Roman says goodbye soon with all the anti Russia stuff.
Hope Dave enjoyed it while it lasted.:rofl:


Reckon ZZ will get the France job


Roman taking his ball home.


Will be sold to Chinese investors by Christmas.



They will regret that by Christmas.


TF BFS is gone. Anybody else was preferable.


Roman will be investing £1 billion on a new stadium that he can’t sit in so no wonder he has cold feet.
My neighbour is The Prince of Abu Dhabi so maybe I will persuade him to buy during our Friday night card game.


Won’t he be related to the owners of Man City?


Goalie offski, the sell off starts


Yes he is related but richer.


Not the greatest Goalie.


Couldn’t you get Ikea interested Dave - they could do a flat-pack stadium for you lot. :smile:


Hahahaahahaaaa. This is gonna bang in 12 months time.


He wants Real Madrid and they will pay the money.



I thought they were looking at another keeper as Neymar is going to cost them £220M+ and they don’t have the money.