Agreed. And get that fcking tattoo out of football.


Didn’t even know it had kicked off.



Great week for Raheem :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Diving in a friendly :man_facepalming:



Someone said the other day it’s like a side-on of Grace Jones from Nightclubbing.


Every time an opposing team has a shot on goal I think of that Liverpool keeper.


England are so shit.:disappointed_relieved:


Pretty sure the WC is ours after that


England for the toilet, yeah




match worn Karius gloves



From Kanchelskis auto biography :grinning:


What a player he was. I think , for me he was in the most exciting Utd team of all.


Leroy Sane doesn’t make the Germany squad - talk about having an embarrassment of riches.
He’d be a shoo-in for the England first XI.


Southgate is researching his family history as we speak


Brazil, France, Spain and Germany could probably field two guaranteed QF teams from their cast offs.


Really interesting interview for a chat with a former footballer which doesn’t focus on the highs and lows of his career. The Piers Morgan quote is priceless.


Big Nev is a ledge. He’s very politically active.



Loss mitigation ?

Suspect that’s to protect his transfer value…