Lollypop to the Arse, that is so funny :grin:

So the new dawn is Lollypop and a knackered.full back who is 35. Looking forward to their new keeper.


Karius is available , though I hope he’s one of those that can turn it around…I fear not


I laughed when he joined you ! Shopping at Poundland this summer…


United sign Dalot




Dalot on a 5 + 1 year deal, they must think he’s worth protecting.


Teenage full back on a 4+1 year contract, who needs protecting ?? Sounds oddly familiar


Heh, Liverpool looking at Shaqiri apparently.

I would approve of this, as long as both parties fully set expectations of game time beforehand. The last thing we want is him throwing a strop over not being played enough. If Klopp is clear with him I’d be happy for us to spunk £12m.


Is he your long ball option :rofl::rofl::rofl:

He’s about 4’5"


Talented player and if he can get really fit and do the whole ‘gegenpress’ stuff he could be a nice replacement for Coutinho.
£12m is chump change these days.


They looked at him last time and passed.
12 for a squad player who can lash a few in as a plan B is good money.


They want substantially more than £12m, more like25m


Decent player though. Not sure he fits the high pressing style but might finally give Klopp a plan B.


No, you were correct first time around.


Bargain & he should be playing in the CL.


Or just a replacement for Lallana ?? … even though Shaqiri is pretty injury prone himself, no?

I find it quite an odd move for him, TBH. He’ll get very few games a season


He’s at Stoke because he loves money and Stoke were prepared to pay what he wanted and nobody else was. Sort of deja vu really.

Will be 2nd or 3rd choice in a position and cause all sorts of unrest. Klopp must be mad if he wants him.



That’s only two days though - although having all the Boxing day games is a bit of a coup.