Fekir transfer is off.


Well done to England U21 squad. Winners in Toulon for the third time running.


I read something about that but not that it was dead. Medical problems?


Fucking weird situation. Basically us all over.

Apparently some concerns over his knee. However, he’s missed 10 games in 2.5 years, has been banging in goals left, right and centre and is in the WC squad for one of the favourites.


No sense in any of it , unless silly late coinsqueeze/fakeoffer


Independent seem to think it’s still on…


Watching Spain v Tunisia atm. 35 mins in and Tunisia are no pushovers, defending well and could easily have scored two themselves. Look a pretty useful side.


Tunisia are the no.1 ranked African team in the WC. Only a couple of places behind us in the rankings. The portents are all there for another group stage exit :smiley:


Indeed. They’re certainly worrying Spain.


Tunisia are 9/1 to bear England - crazy really.


Sounds a good bet


Lose that game and that will be it i think.


You need to consider the Belgian ‘major tournament fail’ factor though.






RM have their new manager


Looks like a one season interim type appointment to me.


Yep - Poch will be there eventually.



Madness (even though Madrid are their usual arrogant cunting selves for announcing it now)