kinell - just done trhe BBC WC predictor and Engerlund wins the WC beating France in the final :grinning:


I have Germany winning the final against Brazil


Admittedly I was making my predictions with some sort of bias


I got Portugal to beat Belgium.:anguished:


That was a brave prediction. Bit like choosing to support Man Utd.:sleeping:


Insult about L’pool incoming…:roll_eyes:


It was working through the BBC’s predictor gizmo & seemed the inevitable outcome. Germany haven’t actually been looking that good recently but they always seem to find some form at these tournaments & I wouldn’t bet on anyone actually stopping them reaching the final. Teams like France & Belgium have the talent but whether they’d be able to overcome Germany remains doubtful. Brazil, on the other hand, do look to be in some good form.


Liverpool are shit, haven’t won anything in donkeys years. :grinning:

Will that do?


Next World Cup in USA, Mexico and Canada. How does that work with regard to host nations qualifying. Also, Trump, what could possibly go wrong???


Trump will be gone by then even if he wins a 2nd term.


At least we lost in the final of a tournament worth winning…:wink:


I’ve gone for France


That is true. You can lob up the necessary stadia in weeks, and fit a gate to The Wall. No chance of Trump feckin’ the whole thing up…


To beat who in the final?

I have had a quid on my forecast at 200/1.:grinning:




Because…“The 2026 tournament will be the biggest World Cup ever held - with 48 teams playing 80 matches over 34 days”


Can France and Brazil meet in the final?

If so, them.



Not 100% sure,but think they would meet in the semis


I have France-Spain in the Final and Spain to win.

Details of this scientifically sound (and in no way lashed-together) prediction are here