For Sale 2 Ortofon Quintet Black Cartridges

For Sale Two Cartridges both Ortofon Quintet Black.

  1. Ortofon Quintet Black S Sold stp

  2. This has been my spare cartridge which is a Ortofon Quintet Black with original Boron Cantilever retiped by ESCO with a paratrace stylus. I recently sold this and it was returned to me as the buyer told me it would not track properly. I have tried it since and had no problem and I never had a problem before. The cantilever is slightly off at a angle but when properly lined up it has never been a problem. So bearing in mind what happened with last sale I’m willing to do a mega bargain on this one of £220. Bearing in mind what it is worth as a part ex against a new Ortofon cart it is worth that. I think it is fine but I want to be fair and honest so I’m doing a deal.