For Sale Brenel mk5 Reel 2Reel

Anyone fancy my Brenel Mk5 Series2

Reel to Reel ,it does work and was used last by a mate to record some music…It is a good looker inside and out apart from a few minor scuffs etc
It is Mono as far as I’m aware…The manual is with it …It is heavy so I would rather not post but I would take it to the Wam Kegworth show for viewing etc .Im not sure of the value but how does £175 sound…Also I have 4 7 1/2 stereo tapes which I will list tomorrow…


Have I priced it too high ?or is it just no ones interested ?
Will £125 tempt anyone collect at Keggie or AA taxi …sells for parts for not much less .
I really want this gone…