For sale - Garrard SP25 mk 1V

Just had this handed in as a donation. No clue what it’s worth.

Any interest / offers. Looks like it will need a good clean.

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I started off listening to vinyl as a kid on the family radiogram, but after starting work aged 16, I saved up for an SP25. My first proper bit of “hifi”.


Similar story aged 15 - I was lucky I bought a Goldring GL69 off a guy who’s paper I delivered on my round.


Now the sad bit - got it home to check and it’s bust. Platter not going round.

I’ll have a quick look but maybe not worth too much time.

If it has a shure cart, then that will be worth more than the deck. Might have a 75 or similar on it.

It’s a Sonotone 9ta.

Working ones worth £25 to 40 depending on the idiot bidding.


About what I thought. Suspect it’s destined for the bin. Shame.

They were fucking terrible decks. Motor unit might be wanted by someone for a DIY RCM maybe?

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