For sale: lots

Before I can get proper for sale adverts and prices sorted, I will give you lot a heads up on my list of surplus kit.
Photos and things are to come, but a lot of it is pretty obvious.

Technics SP10 x 2 (one mint, one has a start stop issue).
Acoustand obsidian SOLD
Acoustand Classic solid 30mm thick oak plinth (special order and not on website as it’s not laminate).

Jelco SA750L 12inch arm
Oyaide PA 2075 tonearm cable rca/rca 1m

Ash Cosmic maple stand with 6 or 7 shelves. Tower style.

Grado GS1000e headphones.

Possibly for sale:
Tenuto platter mat SOLD
SME 3012r SOLD

The oak plinth is cut for the Jelco arm. The technics one has the SME fitted.

There will be proper averts coming with shiny photos.


Interested in the Tenuto mat if you sell…

One in the queue already so it’s reserve spot. It depends if it fits the SP10r.

May be interested in the better condition SP10 Mk2.

It’s ex BBC so it has the extra black box.
I recapped the PSU.
Minty finish (start button is a little bent but it would press out). Strobe works.
I may have a go at selling it in one of the plinths as a plan A and sell separately if no offers.

Never gonna put it on the SP10r surely??

PM sent

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Sony PS TT sold

Nice TT

That’s why I kept advertising and withdrawing! I’d sold it to a chap in London for more but he gave up trying to collect!



I had one for about a year; I’m sure you’ll be happy with it Dave :+1:

Thanks - I nearly bought JB’s a few weeks back but lack of a job and house shit meant I couldn’t at the time (sorry JB). Issues with my 1210 mean I need something to play the black stuff on. Just need to transfer over the 2M Black and all should be good to go.

Synchronicity; I used a 2M Black on mine.

The carts a total bastard to set up correctly and get singing, but is a great match with the Sony carbon arm and original headshell :+1:


The two plinths, Jelco ten inch arm, SME 3012r and SP10 are all up with photos on pink fish.

I’ll email anyone here the low down if you want more. One is Wayne’s old plinth and the other is the one I commissioned for my other SP10.

SME 3012r sold.

BBC sp10 and technics obsidian effect plinth sold