For sale - Teribil Audio KattKista MkIII speakers

If you have to ask what they are, then you probably aren’t the right calibre of owner :smiley:

These are the legendary MkIII’s, with Corian baffles and solid ply (not veneer) cabinets.

A high quality driver compliment - Hiquphon OW1 and Seas CA15RLY

Offboard crossovers, again high quality components throughout. The crossover boxes now have proper engraved labels.

An awful lot of speaker for £650 + post


Does that include the stands Edd? (for clarification)

No, not the stands Eric.

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Soz :grimacing:

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Nice speakers those @Jim. Perfect for the owner of the more compact than expected potential listening room. You should buy them. I’ll give you 57p for those outsized and unmanageable horn thingos you are lumbered with.

what are their dimensions? and the weight?

Somebody will be very pleased with these

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They were a bit boomy in his lounge tbh.

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I was going to make a wisecrack, but TBH would you really be happy with something that’s literally a cat coffin?

Not trying to be funny.

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we’ve got runs for our cremated cats.

I was pondering for upstairs.

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Cool. I’d go for it then :+1:

WTF went on there …urns

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I did wonder.

I had visions of exercise areas for ghost-cats but didn’t want to go there.

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They’re H 32 X W 21.5 x D 25 cm and 6.7 Kg’s each


They are lovely. I’m really happy with my pair (which I assume are MKIIs) and haven’t really felt the need to try anything else.

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They are really, really good and I won’t be at all unhappy if they don’t sell. It’s just that they are sitting here doing nothing and it seems a waste.

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