For sale

Chopsticks and a cravat.

Cravat never been tied.

Unwanted gift from the 70’s.


Have the chopsticks been used?

One has.

Will swap for a spoon.

But not in the way intended.

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What was the single chopstick used for?

Poking my hamster to see if it had died or was hibernating.

Unfortunately it had. :frowning:


Are you open to swaps,and can you deliver?

Can throw in a dessicated hamster ?

Does the hamster work?

It did, just needs a little re-hydrating.

Careful tho…may contain nuts.



Needs Magical Penis Wine.


No. Got made redundant in '86.

Ithhhhhhhaaaaaangyew again. :slight_smile:


Wasn’t that a Cliff Richard song ?



Tenuous but topical. :slight_smile:

Mentioning Cliff and dead hamsters in the same thread will possibly lead to legal action on the behalf of the hamster to protect its reputation from innuendo about how and where (or in whom :confounded:) it may have died.


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I can’t believe these are still here, the Hoxton contingent are more than clued in that cravats worn about the forehead like a posh Rambo are the cats clit this Christmas. The ‘look’ is complete when you try to eat invisible floating food with Chopsticks

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will you split? I’m looking for 5cm of unused chopstick

In light of the poor sales respose…listing has been ammended, see below.

For sale,

One flat, dry hamster (circa '1984), mounted atop a stick engraved with genuine phrophetic Chinese proverb.

Comes enrobed in a tasteful light pink paisley patterned bed.

Oh, and a chopstick.

Only sensible offers considered.

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No way.

I know your sort *Scammer Alert

I sell you the 5cm in good faith only for you to then sell 5 one centimetre pieces of unused chopstick at inflated prices due to the rarity of the size.

Honestly , these classifieds are shit.

Mods, you need to consider charging members to sell here and stop jokers like the above.

It does your forum no favours.

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