Forgotten gem - Ortofon VMS30 MkII

Having sold the 2M Red and needing to find something before the AT95 arrives, I had a rummage in the odds and sods box and came up with the VMS30MkII.

Plugged it in, set it up and very impressive. Detail, body, the return of tuneful bass and tracks well.

Happy days, looks like I won’t be needing the AT95 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Nice cart :+1:

I have one too. VMS30 is a great cartridge - better than its VMS20E/II sibling by dint of its better fine line vs nude elliptical tip profile and more forgiving compliance for modern tonearms - but it’s just so hard finding a NOS replacement VMS 30 stylus now. The M20FL is slightly better and you can still buy NOS styli from Thakker. Both the VMS30 and M20FL are pretty close to a current 2M Bronze/Black,